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Our activity began in 1992. We have been involved in furniture and woodworking industry from the beginning.

Our partners are well known in global furniture market. In a range of components for upholstered furniture we cooperate with OKE from Germany and Delahousse from France.

In a field of thin wood cutting technology we cooperate with Austrian company WINTERSTEIGER. We keep expanding our offer. Since 2012 we have had materials for upholstered furniture: elastic belts and felt sheets of different granulation and, in woodworking field, band saws for mobile sawmills and join saws.

We offer service for our customers – sharpening and regeneration of band saws. These services are performed on the state-of-the-art Swiss ISELI machines.

ISELI is one of the leading suppliers of sharpeners and machines for regeneration of band saws, frame saws and circular saws.

The ISELI team produces all machines in Schötz, Switzerland. It puts on the highest technical know-how, with experience in the industry for over 70 years.

Since March 2017 we have been the official representative of ISELI in Poland.

Why Mebel Art?

Because we are trustworthy. For 25 years we have been cooperating with many companies all over Poland and we do it well.

That is why most of our Clients stay with us. We respond to the needs of our Customers, seek solutions and, as a result, we’re keep developing.

With our knowledge, experience and quality we strive to:

  • Strengthen our position in the industry
  • Ensure the highest quality of our goods and services
  • Become an attractive, safe and reliable partner
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