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Upholstered furniture

With our plastic components, we expand our customers capabilities in the development and manufacture of upholstered furniture. Our solutions allow for special designs, saving valuable resources, reducing production time and providing padding for genuine seating comfort. In collaboration with our customers, we are always prepared to meet their precise requirements, and develop a fully customised solution according to their wishes.

Contract furniture

Furniture for the private sector is used with greater care than contract furniture, which is available to the public. The strain is more intense and often “rougher”. At the same time, beyond its functionality the furniture should represent an enhanced value. We are familiar with the special requirements for contract furniture and find solutions for our customers which are particularly robust, easy-care and still economical in smaller quantities.

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Meble biurowe

Office furniture

Lightweight swivel chairs, covered with just a thin mesh, can be adjusted to the body size to the nearest millimetre. This is how high quality office furniture looks today. There are also mobile partitions and media furniture including a lot of technology. In order to meet the stringent requirements in this field, you need many special types of connection and functional elements, which are already taken into account throughout the development of a new series.

Meble relaksacyjne


Sit down and feel at ease - recliners are individually adjustable and offer various features. Head rests, movable arm rests or foot supports and electrical control functions from the car seat sector are becoming more common elements now also used in the furniture industry. When developing these new furniture projects, our many years of experience in the automotive industry are of particular benefit to us.


Sleeping comfort will continue to gain importance in the future, with beds becoming more than just a simple mattress. Beds are increasingly ergonomically designed to suit individual needs and are equipped with features. Classic OKE profiles join forces with innovations from the upholstery and automotive industries. Adjustable head and footrests as well as massive box-spring substructures or lower suspensions of the bedding surface are integrated here. In addition, artistic rear parts with square quilting can be implemented much more easily with our little helpers.

Meble sypialniane
Materiały reklamowe - katalogi i filmiki instruktażowe

Advertising materials - catalogs and videos

Here you will find helpful instructional videos and downloadable catalogs - all in one place.

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