Micro Grinder NC


The professional NC automatic saw sharpener for all thin-cutting frame saw blades and scraper saws that offers highest grinding quality for industrial use.


Fully automated operation

  • Magazine capacity with automatic in and out-feeding (~100 saw blades)
  • 6 - 8 hours of fully automated operation (~1 shift)
  • Freely programmable application-specific tooth shapes and pitches
  • Cyclically adjustable cleaning of the grinding wheel
  • Air blowing unit for drying of saw blades

Maximum precision

  • Improvement of service life due to extremely high grinding accuracy and precise geometry
  • Minimum removal of material due to automatic height measurement per saw blade
  • Precision feed with very short cycle times and down times
  • Optimised grinding movement on saw tooth
  • Height adjustable saw blade clamping
  • High grinding accuracy and surface quality using wet grinding device
  • Special grinding wheels for stellite and carbide-tipped saw blades

Easy handling

  • Comfortable operation using touch-screen display
  • Easy loading and unloading of the magazines
  • Optimum accessibility of all machine components
  • Favourites list for frequently used saws/saw geometries





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