Single-module thin-cutting band saw.

From now on, even more customers will benefit from the tried and tested technology of the world market

leader in precision thin-cutting: adapted to fit your requirments exactly, the machine offers an unbeatable

price-performance ratio.

The DSB Compact 310 is the entry model in the thin-cutting band saw product family and cuts with

a kerf starting at 1.1 mm.

With a cutting height of up to 160 mm and infinitely variable control of the feeding speed from

1 to 16 m/min, the thin-cutting band saw can handle wooden blocks up to a width of 310 mm.

Enter the world of precision thin-cutting

  • Unique price-performance ratio
  • Machine and tools developed and manufactured by WINTERSTEIGER
  • From the world market leader in precision thin-cutting

Maximum precision for your requirements

  • Solid-cast construction of all major
  • machine components
  • Innovative, automatically selfcleaning
  • conveyor belt feed
  • system
  • Long lasting high-tech carbon
  • Guide

User-friendly operation & worldwide service

  • Central operating terminal with touchscreen display
  • Ergonomic & easy to maintain
  • Worldwide service, assisted by remote maintenance






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