Thin-cutting frame saw.

The DSG Notum from WINTERSTEIGER is the result of a perfect fusion between decades of experience and the latest technology. Our objective is: The best technology at the best price for the economic entry into the upper class!

The DSG Notum displays its strengths in routine daily use and in its typically efficient manner, for example in the production of high-quality lamellas (sawn veneers) for:

  • Engineered floors
  • Multi-layer boards
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Furniture
  • Pencil boards
  • Musical instruments and much more

Notum - The Experience

  • From the innovator of the thin-cutting frame saw
  • Precision cuts for all requirements
  • 40 years of competence and knowhow in worldwide operations

Reliable & innovative

  • FU controlled feed system
  • Centrical saw frame tensioning
  • Cutting height 266 mm
  • Reciprocation system in perfection
  • Enhanced Air-Jet system

User-friendly operation

  • Easy accessibility due to open machine construction
  • Electrically adjustable down pressure system
  • Easy operation via touch screen display
  • Central operation-cockpit






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